Planning A Family VS Planning A Family For Business

There comes a time in our life when for many people they hope to plan for a family and dream and work towards having children and raising them. We hope to guide and steer our children in the challenges of life and all that society requires to raise healthy, balanced adults.

We Are Family: The ups and downs of running a family business

An estimated 80 percent of the local business world is made up of family businesses – making them a very important part of the island’s economy and success story. Here Jo Caruana takes a look at the unique challenges – and opportunities – posed by this very particular business demographic.


Preserving Local Family Businesses – Max Ganado

If one looks at the history and economy of Malta, one will find it has been a very family oriented society with family businesses being part of the economy in an important way. Mostly with property but also changing according to the times the way the economy developed.

Starting The Journey To Continuity – Nadine Lia

Regardless of how small or large the size of a family business, succession planning for family enterprises presents a unique set of challenges. Not only can it be a complicated, emotionally-taxing process, but it also carries the potential to detrimentally affect family relationships, which can strain the business itself—often to the breaking point.

Services and Guidance To Seek From Your Advisors – Nadine Lia

If a family business is intent on surviving with growth and stability and intends to pass the business to future generations it requires the ability to develop a defined strategy coupled with the flexibility to deal with emerging issues that will arise in this ever-changing and dynamic environment.

Family Wealth Management – Maria Farrugia

A successful business transfer takes place when “the skills and the desire to be in business” are transferred from one generation to the next (Shrapnel, 2014, p.7).   In light of the increasing number of family members with each new generation, each having different expectations, family wealth can be easily squandered, unless managed properly. This would mean that the hard work of past generations is lost.